Rebecca Bronson



Photo by Ralph Reutemann

My love of stories and curiosity about human relationships was fed at the kitchen table of my Czech aunts and Swedish/Italian grandmother. I relished in their storytelling and bountiful gossip of priests, neighbors, nuns, grocery store encounters, illness, food, and other assorted and plentiful conversations about Life.   Through my working class midwest upbringing I closely observed and understood the importance of listening, asking questions, and as importantly, to pay close attention to what wasn’t being said, but what was felt.

Childhood visits to the Veteran’s Hospital to visit my father, a Korean War Veteran,  growing up with a tenacious, but often ill mother, and working in nursing homes through high school fueled an abiding curiosity and eventually deep study and dogged research into the roots of violence, illness, war, and healing.  Time shared with a great-aunt provided me the experience of knowing that the life of an artist was possible and solitude necessary for the Creative Life.

An early career as a radio journalist at an NPR affiliate in Omaha positioned me inside of stories and issues that led me into a life-long passion for truth-digging, critical thinking, and psychological inquiry. I produced, directed, and was primary interviewer for local NPR programs in the mid 80‘s, interviewing well known politicians, authors, and cultural figures. I continued my work as a radio journalist in the midwest at the height of corporate encroachment and foreclosures of family farms.


Photo by Ralph Reutamann

My writing craft was greatly influenced through my academic studies with poet Anne Waldman of Naropa Institute, Patricia Foster, professor at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, novelist Cynthia Clough, and memoirist Julene Bair. I have dedicated many years of rigorous study and synthesis of the life and work of important feminist/women philosophers, writers, and artists.

I am a a self-taught Astrologer practicing in the tradition of Western Tropical Astrology, utilizing practices and principle from Jyotish/Vedic Astrology.

I have been a student and practitioner of the Healing Arts and Natural Paths of Health and Wellness for over 30 years.

I hold a BA in Journalism from the University of Nebraska, an MA in Contemplative Psychology and Intermedia Arts from Naropa University and did my Phd (ABD)  studies in Arts and Healing with an emphasis in Creative Writing and Women’s Studies at the Union Institute. I am the Founder and executive director of Satori Institute, an arts, education, and research organization.



I live in Boulder, Colorado with my partner and artist comrade Patrick Williams  and our two capricious Ragdoll cats Rosetta and Talik.



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