Innovating the Art of Life


Photo by Rebecca Bronson

I’m turned on by the questions why and how and who and when. Then I go, Oh Really? Says who?

I live for discovering the truth. Research and evidence. Intuitive knowing.  And then speaking that truth.  And stories. I love stories. Real life stories.  Detective stories.  Stories that shock.  Psychological twisters.  Psychic benders. Transformational journeys.  Magical adventures. Astrology.  When I’m working on a project, I dig stuff up, sniff it out, keep excavating until I’m satisfied that all that I need has been exhumed and then I can start putting the pieces together.

My body senses and moves me like a seismic oscillator towards the treasure. Sometimes I’ll walk and walk until I get a sign. Oh, this is what it could mean. I’m looking for clues at the scene of the crime.  How did all the trees die overnight?  Look up in the sky.  Every day, all day and night there are demons flying in the skies.

This is the direction we’re circling together, the Creative and me.  The conspiracy genuises and me.  Hidden within the layers of the implicate order, the transmigrating chaos of the multidimensional; a discarded newspaper appears. A clue on page 6 next to the story of the orphan from Saigon. I’m on it.  I have to keep walking, listening, looking, feeling.

I put myself in places and have been put in places and situations and jobs where I’ve been able to hone, refine, polish, integrate, piece together this passion for intellectual detective work; robust communication; radical restoration of vital players and forbidden data; brewing and infusing the story with hot spiced rum; the information, the relationship with the uncanny, the unpopular, the implausible, the far fetched.

Like a mountain climber, I’m going for the high peak.   I have never liked conventional, patriarchal versions of reality.  Or history.   When the diabolical henchmen murdered Hypatia and set the library aflame, well, the battle began.  My battle.  The battle for the sovereignty of mind, body, and soul. For the right to be seen and valued as a radical, brilliant,  uncanny woman who is from a star system beyond the Kuiper Belt.

What a fabulous time to be alive to sagaciously select, with temperance and ardor, one’s battle or battles. To expose the emperor and his twisted, psychopathic entourage, all naked riding atop a motorized Oscar Meier wiener.   To declare one’s absolute love for the wild, the creative, the imagination, the organic, the moral, the substantial, the natural, the innocent, the children, caves and rivers, the body, the animals, the gynergetic planet of cycles and cosmic calculations.

Because I love life so deeply, I am on a mission to assist people in restoring, reviving, recalibrating their critical thinking, emotional honesty, intuitive awareness, dynamic communication, and radical action.  That’s just who I am.

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